most economical printers for students

If you are a student, or about to go to college, the chances are you’ll be looking around for essential purchases, one of which is likely to be a printer. Below you will find a list of the best printers for students, which we hope will help you on your way.

Make your money last

When you become a student, often it is the first time in your life you have had compete control of your finances. It is also at this point you discover that as a student, money doesn’t go very far and that every penny really counts. The sooner you discover that shopping wisely will pay dividends in the long run, the further your money will go. Nobody likes being in debt, so there are steps you can take along the way to minimise the risks.

Save money on essentials

As a student, there are certain things that are essential, including books, a laptop, and a printer, as well as food and beer! Where books are concerned, you have the option of reducing your costs by buying your books from a senior student who no longer needs his own copies. Where a laptop is concerned, if money is extremely tight, you can find excellent reconditioned models at greatly reduced prices. However, because you will keep so much vital information on your laptop, whether brand new or reconditioned, we cannot stress the importance of regularly backing up your content to an external memory source.

What, exactly, are you likely to be printing most?

When it comes to choosing the right printer, you might think “A printer is a printer” and not consider more closely what functions each printer has which, ultimately will affect the price. Additionally, and of perhaps greatest importance if you are going to use your printer regularly, is the rate at which you have to change the ink cartridges, and whether the printer cartridges you need to buy are ‘all-in-one’, or individual colours for each ink cartridge.

If the majority of your printing is going to be text in black and white, then it may make more sense to buy a printer which has a separate black ink cartridge from the colour ink cartridges, as otherwise you are paying for coloured ink you don’t use. If the volume of work you are going to be printing is high, then you need to make sure you don’t get a printer that guzzles ink!

Even more economical, if you know you won’t be needing any colour, you can buy monochrome printers which saves you having to buy any colour ink cartridges, or colour toner.

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